Manufactured Pizza Award

With this award there’s something for everyone. The judges will consider both everyday and premium entries, presenting the award to the best new manufactured pizza.

Entry Requirements

  • Entries should be for single products not ranges.
  • Products should have been launched within the 12-month award period.
  • Entrants should state why products deserve to win and highlight any innovative features.
  • Products should continue to be on sale at the time of the awards.
  • Those entrants initially shortlisted will be asked to deliver sample products for judging.
  • Judging will take account of innovation as well as taste and presentation.
  • The final shortlisted entrants will be invited to present their products to our judges and members online for voting.

Entry Form

Award Qualifying Period: 01 September 2022 to 31 August 2023

Closing Date for Entries: 09 August 2023