Danish Crown SuperTops Finalists

This year, Danish Crown are shaking things up a bit by offering two toppings for competitors to use in their recipe. Which will they choose?

The finalists

  • Chorizo n black pud by Adam Sear from Maestro’s Pizza Ltd
  • Spangnolo Cavolo by Max Gibson from Stretch Pizza
  • Meaty boi by Nicola Jackson Jones from Two Cents Pizza
  • Sicilian Prawn by Scott Holden from Scott's All Day
  • Chingiale by David Hartai from Zerodegrees

About the category

Chorizo is a delicious pizza topping created from high quality ingredients, delicately spiced and beechwood smoked. Pizza meatballs have a crisp surface after frying and work great as topping on a pizza.

Chefs can choose to use either ingredient or both in their recipe, but they must be the star of the show.